Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between power skating and a learn to skate program such as Recskate or Canskate?

A: Power skating takes the skills of skating to a more proficient level in the areas of speed, endurance, balance and agility. To begin power skating the skater must be able to skate forward and be able to get up off the ice independantly.

Q: Is power skating only for hockey players?

A: Power skating is for any skater that wishes to improve their skill of skating. Those skaters could be hockey, ringette, speed, or pleasure skaters. Hockey skates must be worn.

Q: At what age should a skater start power skating?

A: Power skating can be done at any age from ages 4 right through adult.

Q: What does "full equipment" include?

A: Full equipment is every item that the Ontario Minor Hockey League requires. This includes helmet, neck protector, mouth guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, jock, hockey pants, socks, shin guards, skates, and a stick. Please be aware that full equipment IS MANDATORY.

Q: Where is the Seymour-Hannah Sports Centre?

A: It is located at 240 St. Paul Street West. Located on the northwest corner of Louth St. and St. Paul Street West behind the Tim Hortons.

Q. What is the difference between Recskate and Canskate?

A. There is no difference. Both have 7 levels of the basic skills of learning to skate.

Q. When can my child start Recfigureskate?

A. They must wear figureskates and have passed level 1. That means that they can glide forward on 1 foot for at least 1 metre. They can skate forward alternating each foot across the rink and skate backwards 5 metres. They can stop with the right or left foot. Figureskating is the art of spinning and jumping therefore they need the basics of skating to start.